Gundamentals - Handguns

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If you're a brand new firearms owner, or you've purchased a handgun and you've never or barely ever used it before, this is your class. In this class, the pace is slow and thorough. When it is completed, you'll be the safest shooter on the range and ready to move on to SMT's regular Foundations training sessions.

This seminar covers:

  • Rules of Safety
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Setting up a Dry Fire session
  • Range Walkthrough with a Basic Live Fire

4 Hour Class, 10 students max

$125 per person (does not include ammunition, 50 round minimum)

GunDamentals - Modern Sporting Rifle


Home Defense Rifle - Winning the Home Battle space

1 - Day Course - $500

+ 200 Rounds of Ammunition

From the Team at Sealed Mindset Training and based on the revolutionary training DVD series, Home Defense Rifle: comes Home Defense Rifle - Level 1.

Come join Sealed Mindset Training for this two day event where you'll learn:

  • Hardening your home
  • Developing a defensive rifle kit
  • Proper shooting fundamentals and trigger manipulation for fast shots on target
  • Precision mounting for defense and maximum speed to first shot
  • Deploying your defensive rifle kit from anywhere in your home
  • Utilizing cover or concealment to defeat your threat in your home
  • Understanding and manipulating Low-Light Conditions to win a defensive firefight
  • Full SIM scenario so that you have experienced the pre-fight, fight and post-fight conditions of a real defensive encounter

The Concealed Carry Masters Course

1 - Day Course - $500

+ 200 Rounds of Ammunition

The original complete Master's Level course on concealed carry. Sealed Mindset Training has trained thousands of people through their revolutionary DVD and live training system, now it's your chance come and take your concealed carry skills to the next level.

Come join the Team at Sealed Mindset Training for this two day seminar
where you'll learn:

  • Precision use of your carry handgun
  • A fast defendable draw
  • A systematic approach to Deterrence that will help justify your actions if you must defend them in court
  • Understand and manipulate Low-Light Conditions to identify, deter, or defeat a threat
  • A complete system of Situational Awareness that will enable you to identify a threat at a distance and start taking action immediately to avoid conflict
  • Full SIM scenario so that you have experienced the pre-fight, fight and post-fight conditions of a real defensive encounter

Precision Rifle - Foundations of extreme long range Accuracy

The precision rifle is one of the greatest blends of science and art in the firearms world and the foundation of this skill starts here, with Sealed Mindset Training's Precision Rifle Course.

In this one day seminar, you'll learn:

  • The basics of ballistics
  • How to calculate bullet drop and DOPE in your precision rifle
  • The proper body position and breathing pattern for hyper accuracy
  • Alternative shooting positions and techniques to apply your precision rifle in whatever location you may find yourself having to engage a target

Gun Shredding - AKA Advanced Tactical Live Fire

Show up with your tactical gear, a pile of ammo, and a hard training attitude, Gun Shredding will maximize the unique live fire abilities of the Range Systems Full Tactical Range and push you, the shooter, to your limits. There are no rules here, no set scheduled courses of fire, and no limit to how many times you can run the drills you'll be offered here. This is about volume, speed, and pushing yourself to failure. It's only through experiences like this that you will really learn where you are defensively strong....or weak. Open to advanced shooters only.

In this seminar there may be:

  • Immediate Actions
  • Low Light
  • Retention
  • Multiple Targets and Transitions
  • Multiple Weapon System Engagement and Transition
  • Stress Shooting
  • Precision Shooting
  • Tactical Geometry - Room Clearing - Body Guarding
  • Blind CoFs

Foundations Volume Live Fire

CCMC - Level 2

HDR - Level 2

Precision Rifle - Level 2

Defensive Flashlight - Level 1

Defensive Flashlight - Level 2

Live Sim Scenario

Instructor Training

Facility Maintenance Training