Rifle Drill of the Week #7 | Outside 45 Degrees

There are three types of target transitions, all based on what your eyes can see. If you can clearly see both targets, that's Line of Sight. If you can see one clearly, but the other is just on the edge of your vision, that's Inside 45 Degrees. If you can see one and cannot see the other, it's an Outside 45 Degree Transition.

Outside 45 Degree Transitions are the most risky because not only can we not see the target, we don't know how far away or near it is. If we simply swing the rifle around, we might find that the threat is so close that we could end up fighting for the rifle.

By doing a proper transition and being conscious of the retention of the rifle, we can give ourselves the best chance to quickly engage both targets AND retain the rifle from a grab, if necessary. Check it out.

Rifle Drill of the Week #6 - Dynamic Weapon Position Mounting

Five Dynamic Weapon Positions. Each one meant for a different use. But no matter which one you happen to be in, you need to learn how to mount the rifle from that position, quickly.

  • One Hand High - Easy to run fast. Make sure you grab forend before mounting.
  • Two Hands High - Good retention and control, easy to muzzle strike, if needed.
  • One Hand Low - Can manipulate other people or objects while maintaining muzzle awareness.
  • Two Hands Low - The Assess Position. Quick to get back up on sights if necessary.
  • Crossbody - Easy to carry that rifle for a long way.

Handgun Drill of the Week #24 - Flanking

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times from the Gun Ninja. "When you're attacked, get off the X!"

Yes, but how?

There are lots of different options: linear movements left and right, going forward, going backward, angled left or right, but I've always sort of wondered...have ANY of these guys actually tried this in SIM scenario?

SMT did. I can tell you from experience, linear movement didn't work. What works is circular movement. Flanking. This week's Drill of the Week will show you a drill you can use to practice this critical skill.

Rifle Drill of the Week #2 - Mounting

Happy Friday SMTers!

I wanted to get this posted on Tuesday, but ill kids kept me from getting it filmed and edited on time.

But no illness stops a good Defender! So here's the next Rifle Drill of the Week.

Mounting is the skill necessary to bring the rifle from any ready position to sight alignment. SMT typically works from the Two Hand High Ready position vs other options. The reason is that we're training for home defense, odds are good that the threat is extremely close to you. You have to keep in mind that the rifle isn't simply a shooting tool, but a DEFENSIVE tool. If you can't shoot it, it makes a great club. From that muzzle up, two hand high position, you can deliver a fast mount and shot, AND you can deliver a quality muzzle strike if the threat gets into close range.